Our Story

Our roots started in the electrical industry as our parent company is Tomm Electric, one of NJ’s leading commercial electrical solutions . In starting EV Charger Installers, CEO Paul Budveit’s goal was to take his team’s extensive electrical experience and apply it to the ever-growing electrical vehicle market. He saw the need for a company that could provide a full suite of turnkey EV car charging installation services to clients, capitalizing on Tomm Electric’s long-standing reputation for excellence and customer service in the electrical industry as a family company.

All our technicians go through thorough background checks and drug screening. We only hire team members we trust to work in our own home and in our own business . And our employees are committed to continued education.

Our Services

When you call us for EV car charger installation, our process is as follows:


Based on this assessment,
we design the best solution
for your business.


We review this solution
with you to determine if it
adequately meets your
needs and revise as needed
based on your feedback.


If necessary, we make
upgrades to provide adequate
power requirements for the
charging stations.


Our local site teams and
electricians efficiently and
effectively install your car
charging solution.


Our project management
team provides detailed
daily updates during